Face & Body Polisher- Moringa Ext.


Scrubbing, sloughing, buffing: renewing skin doesn’t have to be as rough as it sometimes sounds. Polish your way to smooth, soft skin with something different – Face Polisher & Body Polisher infused with moringa ext. and essential oils. First ever created gel scrub that turns into cream, this nourishing face & body polisher cares for your skin as it exfoliates. Removing tanned, dull, dry skin from the surface, it leaves your skin feeling even, silky and smooth. Restore your skin’s nutrients and indulge in this body exfoliator’s rich, whipped texture that gives you a beautifully creamy coverage. And enjoy the velvety fragrance of moringa. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin – and hello to a rich, relaxing fragrance and skin you can’t help but touch.
Gross Weight: 250gms

Wash your face or required area with mild face wash, let it dry completely with towel. Take required quantity on your palm and apply it on face or required area. Please make sure before applying it, face or required area is completely dry. After massaging it for 5-10 minutes do not clean or remove, sprinkle some water on it and start massaging. You will notice that scrub beads and gel body will vanish and convert into massage cream. Massage the cream for again 5-10 minutes and after massaging you can clean or rinse your face or required area with water. You can feel the instant softness and glow in your skin.

DM Water, Tea tree oil, Argon oil, Almond oil, Vitamin-E, Shea Butter, Moringa Ext., Preservatives, Fragrance in base.