Moustache and Beard Citrus Herbal Oil – 50ml


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Moustache and beard oil helps in nourishing and providing strength to your moustache and beard. It is odourless and non sticky makes your beard and moustache full heavy and grow faster.

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Moustache and beard oil infused with citrus is a grooming product specifically formulated to provide nourishment, scent, and benefits derived from citrus essential oils. This combination offers several advantages for your moustache and beard:

Refreshing Scent: Citrus oils, such as orange, lemon, or grapefruit, lend a refreshing and invigorating aroma to the moustache and beard oil. The citrus scent provides a pleasant fragrance that can help keep your facial hair smelling fresh throughout the day.

Benefits of Moustache Beard Oil

Nourishment and Conditioning: Moustache and beard oils with citrus contain carrier oils, such as jojoba oil or argan oil, that provide nourishment and conditioning to the facial hair and the skin beneath. These oils moisturize and soften the hair, promoting a healthier and more manageable moustache and beard.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Citrus essential oils, like lemon or orange, may have mild anti-inflammatory properties. If you experience any irritation or redness in your moustache or beard area, the citrus-infused oil may help soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

Antioxidant Benefits: Citrus oils are rich in antioxidants, which help protect your facial hair and skin from environmental damage. They can combat free radicals and reduce the effects of oxidative stress, contributing to healthier-looking moustache and beard.

Skin Health: Citrus-infused oils can also benefit the skin beneath your moustache and beard. They can help moisturize, balance natural oil production, and promote a healthier complexion.
How to use:
To use moustache and beard oil with a citrus scent, dispense a few drops onto your fingertips and rub them together to distribute the oil. Gently massage it into your moustache and beard, ensuring it reaches the skin. Comb or brush through to evenly distribute the oil and style as desired.

Regular use of moustache and beard oil infused with citrus can provide nourishment, refreshing scent, and potential skin benefits to your facial hair and the underlying skin. It helps maintain a well-groomed and healthy-looking moustache and beard, while adding a pleasant citrus aroma to your grooming routine.

3 reviews for Moustache and Beard Citrus Herbal Oil – 50ml

  1. Sandhu

    Excellent product for bead lovers

  2. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar
    Best For Beard Growth

  3. Rahul Vig

    Rahul Vig
    Make Soft and shiny beard

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