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Ubtan scrub cream is a product that combines the traditional Indian skincare practice of ubtan with the convenience of a cream formulation. Ubtan is a natural paste or powder made from a blend of herbs, spices, grains, and other ingredients. It has been used for centuries to cleanse, exfoliate, and brighten the skin.


Ubtan scrub has several potential benefits for the skin due to the combination of natural ingredients it contains. Here are some of the benefits of using an ubtan scrub:


Exfoliation: Ubtan scrubs help to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and promoting a smoother complexion. This can lead to a more radiant and rejuvenated appearance.


Brightening: Ubtan scrubs often contain ingredients like turmeric, which is known for its skin-brightening properties. Regular use of ubtan scrub can help improve the skin’s natural radiance and even out the skin tone.


Deep Cleansing: The combination of herbs, spices, and grains in ubtan scrubs can provide deep cleansing benefits, helping to remove impurities, excess oil, and buildup from the skin. This can contribute to a clearer complexion and reduced congestion.


Skin Nourishment: Many ubtan scrubs include ingredients like sandalwood powder, almond powder, and herbal extracts, which provide nourishment to the skin. These ingredients can help moisturize, soften, and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling more supple and healthy.


Relaxation and Aromatherapy: The natural scents of the herbs and spices used in ubtan scrubs can have a soothing and calming effect on the senses, contributing to a relaxing skincare experience.

Ubtan scrub creams typically contain ingredients such as turmeric, chickpea flour (besan), sandalwood powder and various herbal extracts. These ingredients work together to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells, improve skin texture, and promote a radiant complexion.

How to use

To use an ubtan scrub cream, dampen your face with water and apply a small amount of the cream to your fingertips. Gently massage it onto your face using circular motions, focusing on areas that need exfoliation or brightening. Rinse off with water and pat your skin dry. You can use an ubtan scrub cream once or twice a week, depending on your skin’s needs.

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    Simran singh
    Make Naturally Glowing Skin

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    good produc

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