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Introducing our Scratch-Free De-Tan Scrub Cream with Milk and Honey Extracts, a gentle yet effective solution designed to exfoliate, nourish, and help reduce the appearance of tan lines without causing any abrasion or irritation. This unique formulation combines the goodness of milk, honey extracts, and scratch-free scrub particles for a rejuvenating and skin-brightening experience.


Milk is renowned for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Rich in proteins and vitamins, milk helps to hydrate and soothe the skin while promoting a more even complexion. It also contains lactic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, revealing a smoother and brighter appearance.


Honey extracts, known for their humectant and antioxidant properties, contribute to deep hydration, softening the skin, and promoting a healthy glow. Honey extracts also help to soothe and calm the skin, reducing any redness or irritation.



Our Scratch-Free De-Tan Scrub Cream is formulated with round scrub particles that gently slough away dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities without causing any scratches or harm to the skin. This ensures a gentle exfoliation process that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and free from tan lines.


Our Scratch-Free De-Tan Scrub Cream with Milk and Honey Extracts is suitable for all skin types. It is dermatologically tested and formulated without harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients, ensuring a gentle and safe exfoliation experience.


Unlock the natural beauty of your skin and reveal a brighter, more even complexion with our Scratch-Free De-Tan Scrub Cream. Enjoy the nourishing benefits of milk and honey extracts combined with a gentle, scratch-free exfoliation for radiant and tan-free skin.


How to use

To use, dampen your face and neck with water. Apply a generous amount of the De-Tan Scrub Cream and gently massage it onto the skin using circular motions. Pay extra attention to areas prone to tanning. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.


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