Hair Styling Wax Wet Look 90gms


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Organic Hair Styling Wax- Wet look is a premium quality hair wax tonic which provides you a solution to style your hair with its nutritional properties. It provides your hair easy mold and freeable movement. It provides you nutritional properties of herbs and makes your hair look submissive to your command.

Key Features

This Hair Wax is made of herbal extracts.

Superior Quality products.

Paraben Free


Liq. Extract of : Ghtirkumari,Bhringraj, Shikakai, Amla each 2% & Lemon 0.2% in base

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Hair Styling Wax Wet Look is a versatile hairstyling product that offers a glossy and polished finish to your hair. It is specifically formulated to create a sleek and wet appearance, providing a lustrous shine that mimics the effect of freshly wetted hair.

This type of hair wax typically has a thicker consistency and a high shine formula. It allows you to achieve a variety of wet look hairstyles, from sleek and slicked-back styles to defined and glossy waves or curls.

The wet look effect provided by this hair wax enhances the natural texture of your hair, giving it a sophisticated and elegant appearance. It creates a sleek, glossy finish that adds dimension and depth to your hairstyle.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, hair styling wax with a wet look also provides hold and control. It keeps your hair in place throughout the day, preventing flyaways and frizz while maintaining the desired shape and style.

Using hair styling wax with a wet look offers several benefits that can elevate your hairstyling game. Here are some advantages of using hair styling wax for a wet look:

Sleek and Polished Appearance: Hair styling wax with a wet look provides a sleek and polished finish to your hair. It creates the illusion of freshly wetted hair, giving your hairstyle a sophisticated and modern appeal.

High Shine: The wet look effect is characterized by a high shine finish, which adds an eye-catching and glamorous element to your hairstyle. It reflects light, making your hair appear healthy, vibrant, and lustrous.

Definition and Control: Hair styling wax with a wet look offers excellent definition and control. It helps you shape and mold your hair precisely, allowing you to create sleek and structured hairstyles or define waves and curls with a glossy finish.

Long-lasting Hold: This type of wax provides reliable hold, keeping your hairstyle in place for an extended period. It helps tame frizz and flyways, ensuring that your hair maintains its desired shape and style throughout the day.

How to use:

Take required quantity of hair styling wax onto your palm and apply it on clean and dry hair. Style as per desire.

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